Police Costs


You are probably aware that the Province of Ontario approved a new billing model for the O.P.P. effective January 2015. Basically it is separated into two costs (Base Costs, and Calls for Service) that are then totalled for each municipality.

The Base Service costs represent municipal costs related to proactive (regular) policing services, such as: routine patrols, crime prevention, RIDE programs, training, administrative costs, etc.. This Base cost to each municipality is determined by the number of properties in the municipality and the standard-wide average cost per property in Ontario. (based on MPAC data).

Calls for Service represents the individual municipal costs related to police services that are typically reactive in nature and usually require a police officer’s attendance. For example: non-criminal domestic disturbances, missing persons, sudden deaths, property lost or found, noise complaints, keep the peace, animal complaints, 911 calls (including hang-ups) to name a few.

The Ontario cost break down of these two costs works out to be approximately 60% for Base services and 40% for Calls for Service. These costs were determined by using a four year average (2010 to 2013), and will be recalculated each succeeding year (ie. 2011-2014 etc.) as the succeeding year’s costs are known.

Where we/you can play a part in ‘controlling’ these costs is in the determination of the Calls for Service.

Georgian Bluffs (GB) experiences a high number of false 911 calls … many hang-ups, which Ontario mandates as an immediate two officer response … even if you call back and say it was a mistake. We suggest that:

  • You remove the 911 call from your speed dial so that it is not accidentally dialled (if you have it on speed dial), as well as educating all household members of the seriousness of dialing the 911 number. It is for use only in a genuine emergency.

Also, GB experiences a high number of thefts (property loss or found) from unlocked residences and vehicles.

  • Please ensure you lock your residences when not in them (even when you are on your property), as well as locking your vehicles when left anywhere when you are not in them.
  • Ensure that valuables are NOT VISIBLE in your LOCKED VEHICLE. Many vehicles have been stolen from driveways, shopping malls, or left running while dashing into a store etc. The O.P.P. have a good phrase: “LOCK or LOSE IT!”.

As well, being a good neighbour can help eliminate neighbour disputes. Observing the noise by-law and keeping your pets under your constant control, will help with nuisance calls.

For more information on the Calls for Service you can visit our Georgian Bluffs website (www.georgianbluffs.on.ca) to view the data on the Calls for Service cost under the OPP contract.

As a resident of Georgian Bluffs, we need/encourage you to do your part in limiting unnecessary police costs, by practising simple prevention procedures.


Georgian Bluffs Police Services Board

May 2015-05-26

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