Friends of Kemble Heritage Hills Update

Picture1Leading up the the fall election, Georgian Bluffs Council disappointingly made no decision on the maintenance and re-opening of Suicide Hill and Dodd’s W Hill.

That decision will now rest with the new Council.  However, Council did authorize the payment of nearly $30,000 to a consultant for a complete roads study … this study was conducted in the late summer and evaluated the state of every single Georgian Bluffs road and recommended that they all be repaired to a minimum class 5 standard which, if approved, would mean an expenditure of tens of millions of dollars over the next decade.  The study included an exorbitant assessment to construct the Kemble Heritage Hills also to a class 5 standard, which if carried out, would completely destroy the heritage aspect that we are trying to retain.

The Friends of the Kemble Heritage Hills will continue to monitor Council and budget meetings with the goal of keeping the “heritage” in the Kemble Heritage Hills and to encourage the repair and re-opening of the hill roads at a reasonable and realistic cost.”


Show your support for the Heritage Hills by joining us at the PUBLIC BUDGET MEETING January 19 & 20, 2015 at the Township Office, 177964 Grey Rd 18.


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