Members receive quarterly Newsletters, monthly Newsflashes and can join the IVD-Sparlings Propane Group, if applicable.  In addition, the Association has 45 years of community experience and with representing our community with Georgian Bluffs Council and administration.

From the IVDAARA by-laws: “Active membership is open to all landowners on Georgian Bay and vicinity, and the spouses of such landowners.” Annual membership runs from July 1st to June 30th. Currently the annual membership fee is $15.00. To apply please use the membership application.

In addition, Associate Membership may be granted to any person, firm or corporation interested in the problems and welfare of the residents of Georgian Bay and vicinity, including tenants of property located on Georgian Bay. For further information please contact the Membership Chair listed on the contact page.

We’ve added the ability to pay your membership on-line through your online banking. 


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