Grey County Transportation Master Plan

An update on the Grey Road 1 Download issue has been published as a feature article in the Spring 2013 View Point (IVDAARA newsletter). Comments that we have received from our members can be found at the end of that feature article.

Consultants hired by Grey County are in the process of preparing a Transportation Master Plan (TMP), which is to guide the county for the next 25 years. This plan, once accepted, may have significant impacts on our Grey Road 1 members. One aspect of the study is to determine county road designations, which potentially might mean that Grey Road 1 would get a name change. At a TMP Steering Committee meeting held January 10, 2013, IVDAARA president Edith Galloway made it clear to representatives of the consultants and the county that the GR1 designation is now part of the mailing address for people living along it, and that a name change would therefore be extremely disruptive.

The TMP web page included a comment form allowing members of the public to provide input and comments by answering survey questions. The comments submitted by the IVDAARA and discussed between Edith, the consultant and the county, can be downloaded as PDF file.


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