RR#2 Wiarton Mailing Address Changes

By Edith Galloway

In August, some members with mailing addresses RR #2 WIARTON received a notice from Canada Post.  This notice indicated a change from rural route address to civic (911) address.  This week, the last week in October, residents have been receiving notification of their exact new mailing address, effective change November 19, 2012.

Canada Post, in officially adapting the civic (911) address assigned by our municipality, will now recognize a municipality within a post office.  To notified residents, Wiarton, ON N0H 2T0 will become Georgian Bluffs, ON N0H
2T0.  It is important to note the change date November 19 and allow some time after the 19th for system updates.  If residents are trying to register (for example Service Ontario-licence and health cards) prior to November 19, or shortly thereafter, Georgian Bluffs may not be in the system yet.  Canada Post is very considerate in allowing one year from November 19, 2012 to facilitate this address change.

As rural residents with a mailbox, we have been well served by Wiarton N0H 2T0 Post Office, and this service will not change.  The extended hours for parcel pick-up at a merchant’s sub post office in Wiarton is greatly appreciated.

IVDAARA members with RR#2 Wiarton addresses will be updated to Georgian Bluffs within our mailing list, without your notification. Members not affected by this addressing may want to make changes to your contacts and address books. It is very special to be the first residents to be addressed with the official address of Georgian Bluffs.  No change from Kemble to Georgian Bluffs has been addressed at this time. 

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