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Island View Drive and Area Ratepayers’ Association

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Cape Road, Big Bay photo by Steve Irvine

…I have seen that in any great undertaking it is
not enough for a man to depend simply upon himself.

Lone Man (late 19th century) Teton Sioux


A good neighbour was the lifeline to a pioneer settler. Neighbours in time, became communities. In the spirit of improving local services, a community association would often be formed. Such was the case in 1975, when Island View Drive and Area Ratepayers’ Association was formed. IVDAARA is entering its 40tieth year as a watchdog for government accountability. Our constitution, BY-LAW #1 states: “Active membership shall be open to all landowners on Georgian Bay and vicinity, and the spouses of such land owners. “ Such is the expansive spirit of the membership, especially those who ardently serve on the Board.


Board of Directors 2012 – 2014


View Point Spring 2014 is my fourth and last newsletter as President of IVDAARA. Our Board set sail in July 2012 but was off course as constitutional conflicts created some waves. Soon a new course was charted and we plowed through the waves enjoying the moments.

Spring 2013, the wind went out of our sails when Rob Muylwyk, Director and Web Master, was diagnosed with cancer. Rob asked if he should leave the ship but our reply was when you feel you must. Rob’s children Quirien, Anne and Diederik came home immediately to be with Rob and Ite. They became our neighbours and good friends in the likeness of their parents.

On March 31, 2014, Rob resigned as Director and Web Master to tend to home matters. On April 14, 2014, far too soon, Rob in his Cape Road home, left our lives.

Rob Muylwyk as IVDAARA Director: Rob and Iet enjoy the magnificent views of the Bluffs, the Bay and the Islands from their 2007 Cape Road modern home. Rob is an avid sea-kayaker and enjoys swimming in their DIY built natural swimming pool. (The community appreciates Rob’s talent in designing both “Big Bay Remembers” and websites.)

Please take a moment to appreciate the efforts of the 2012-2014 Board of Directors. In common, is the love of the neighbourhood around the Bay. The following is a reprint of each Director’s autobiography. Edith Galloway, President IVDAARA


IVDAARA Director’s Autobiography

Edith Galloway, President: While on a car rally in 1991, of course an ice cream stop at the Big Bay Store, Edith and her husband Jim Halliday spotted their property. “Fields & Islands Farm “ at Big Bay is shared with their Chesapeake dogs, Coot cat and beautiful horses. Edith is better known in the neighbourhood as the lady on the John Deere tractor.

Marilyn Chapman, Secretary: With husband David, Marilyn came to this area as seasonal cottagers in 1989. The cottage became a new full time residence in 2010. Marilyn previously worked in Critical Care Nursing in London. Westie terriers share her retirement hours on Georgian Bay.

Keith Elliott, Treasurer: In 2000, Keith and Sarah bought their property on the shore and built their retirement home in 2004/20005. Keith retired from his veterinary practice but continues in his field as staff relief in animal clinics. His woodworking skills can be seen at Art in the Garden or as finely crafted door prizes at community events. Keith’s joy is enjoying life with his wife Sarah in this lovely neighbourhood.

Judy Belbeck, Director: Judy and Kevin moved to Island View Drive in 2010. They crossed the Peninsula from Sauble Beach where they lived for 20 years and operate Sauble Beach Pet Hospital. Judy is a Veterinary Technologist and a Canine Obedience Trainer. She enjoys gardening, motorcycling, hiking and spending time near, on or in Georgian Bay.

David Chapman, Director: With Marilyn, they are enjoying living here on a full time basis. Boating and fishing is all that is needed to enjoy the good life on Georgian Bay.

Pam Wilson, Director: Originally an Owen Sound gal, Pam, with Bill, returned to the area in 1998 to finish building their home on family property along Georgian Bay. Pam enjoys community involvement, painting, carpet and lawn bowling, playing bridge, reading, travelling, and entertaining. She shares life to the fullest with husband Bill.

Bill Wilson, Director: Toronto born but raised in Georgetown. Commanded the Cadet Corps. Bill relates that he met Pam in Guelph at the Sunday Night Dances at the Desert Inn which was the last sprung dance floor in Ontario. Love the shore, the water our place and Pam. And the ride goes on! (Bill is our “IVDAARA poster boy”.)


Nominating Committee Board of Directors 2014 – 2016 

At the IVDAARA Annual Meeting to be held at 9:00 a.m. Saturday, July 19, 2014 at Kemble United Church, a new Board of Directors will be nominated. Marilyn Chapman Secretary, (519-534-4161) and Judy Belbeck Director, (519-534-1866) will receive nominations. Four more directors are needed to bring the Board to eight members.

Big Bay Cemetery –Memory Garden

The Big Bay Cemetery is a resting place for the people that settled this area. The community has shown great respect for the cemetery coming together for cleanup bees and then in 2008 “Big Bay Remembers”, writing memories to fund the new fencing, gates and sign.

Many current residents have strong ties to the location. No additional plots are available so an idea blossomed that a memory garden be established to remember friends and family.

The Township of Georgian Bluffs has approved a proposal made by Jim Halliday and Edith Galloway owners of the property surrounding the cemetery that would expand the current cemetery eighty-two feet to the east along Cape Road. The new addition would be a memory garden only, no burial or cremation plots. Work will commence on a memory wall before the land is turned over to the township. Memory plaques will conform to a standard and a cost controlled by Georgian Bluffs.

A Big Bay Memory Garden Committee consists of members Bill Loney, Roly Fenwick, Bob Gerber and Jim Halliday. Bill Loney has designed a ” Modern Stone Memory Wall” to be constructed by the committee and volunteers from the community.

Anyone interested in volunteering for work bees or other help should contact Jim to add your email to the volunteer list.


Contact Information

President: Edith Galloway 519-534-5400

Membership: Pam Wilson

Minutes AGM July 20, 2013 >>

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