Canada’s 150th birthday

This year is Canada’s 150th Birthday
(1867 – 2017)

Let’s celebrate our love for our Country … BE CREATIVE!

The Island View Drive and Area Ratepayers’ Association invites and encourages all people living on Grey Road 1 and the area to decorate the roadside of their properties for July 1 in a manner to show pride in Canada and Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday.

All members and non-members are invited to take part.

Gardens, displays or flags are some ideas. Plan individually or with a group. And, if you wish, please share your ideas with us so we can pass them on in the next communication.

The official Canada 150 logo is composed of a series of diamonds,
or “celebratory gems”, arranged in the shape of the iconic maple leaf.
The four diamonds at the base represent the four original provinces that formed Confederation in 1867: Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.
Additional diamonds extend out from the base to create nine more points — in total representing the 13 provinces and territories.

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