2016 Chili Cook-Off Champion

It was another hot and fun afternoon in Kemble on September 24th when the Chili Cookers started serving up delicious chili – 6 different types from beef, venison, turkey to Egyptian Koshari!

The annual Cook-Off, held by IVDAARA, was well-attended again this year …. lunch included salads, munchies, buns and cookies along with the six chilis.

The Cookers wore fabulous costumes, no-one was snake bit, the smooth-talking Challenging Scot talked, and the Cedar Hill Billys admitted there was no buzzard in their pot.

Team 1: The Red Hot Chili Pepper Piper
Team 2: Whip-Poor-Willi Team
Team 3: The Challenging Scot
Team 4: ROMEOs (Champions!)
Team 5: The Cedar Hill Billys
Team 6: Antony and Cleopatra

The Red Hot Chili Pepper Piper attempted to defend his 2015 title with the help of heavenly herbs from Keppel Croft.

They put up a valiant fight, but at the end of the day a new winner was crowned … it was the ROMEOs from Presqu’ile who took home the audience favourite award this year for their venison and beef chili!

Kudos also to the Whip-Poor-Willi team from Big Bay who placed a close second (with the youngest cooker of all!).

See you all again next year when the competition will heat up once more!



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