We are proud to announce that three FREE LIBRARYs have been installed by our Association.

Our goal was to have them as equally spaced as possible throughout our Ratepayers’ area. There is a possibility of more … let us know if you are interested in one near you! Contact Marilyn for further information.


  1. Presqu’ile Parkette
  2. Greystone Trails parking lot entrance
  3. Cedar Hill Park picnic shelter


This is our first installation … FREE LIBRARY at the entrance to GREYSTONE TRAILS in the public parking lot.

Since its installation, this FREE LIBRARY has been very actively resourced and includes a wide variety of both hardcover, paperbacks, teen and a few children’s books.

In fact, it has received donations from as far away as Barry’s Bay on the far side of Algonquin Park and has inspired an installation near Woodstock.

How wonderful to see this concept spreading throughout Ontario!

It is easily accessed year-round


20160809_115517 (1)

Our second FREE LIBRARY was installed at the Presqu’ile Parkette in July.

We wish to extend our gratitude to the Township of Georgian Bluffs for their cooperation on this community project.

Easy and safe access to the library is one of our primary goals.

This library is available year-round and we are thankful to those who help clear a path to it through the snowdrifts and snowplow hills 🙂


Our third FREE LIBRARY was installed at Cedar Hill Park on the picnic shelter. This Library is NOT ACCESSIBLE IN WINTER as the access road is not maintained/plowed.

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