Book Tracker

Book Tracking Sheet

If you are interested in placing a ‘book tracker’ sheet inside the front cover of books that you lend/share with the Island View And Area Ratepayers’ Association FREE LIBRARY, you will find customized PDF printout links below. Click on the appropriate location to print a customized Tracking Sheet.

How to use your printed Tracking Sheet:

  • Print a copy of the PDF above that matches the Free Library location where you will be placing your book(s)
  • Cut the sheet into 4 sections
  • Fill in the date beside the first location line
  • Tape one sheet to the inside of each book you lend to the Library

This ‘tracking sheet’ is JUST FOR FUN — it is meant to see how far a book travels from it’s ‘home’ location and, perhaps, eventually, it will make its way back to the beginning location.

So far, we’re aware of books from Hamilton and Barry’s Bay; several of our books have gone to Killaloe (the east side of Algonquin Park) to a 5-sided, 3-storey kiosk that is very well utilized by the community.

If you’re at another ‘little library’ at any time, please take a photo and share with our Membership. We’d love to see the creativity of others.

If you know of another ideal location (good parking access) within our membership area, please contact Bonnie to discuss the possibility of expanding our FREE LIBRARY further into the community.


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