Memory Garden

Memory Garden proposed on a donated addition to Big Bay Cemetery

memorygardenlotAt the Georgian Bluffs Recreation and Property Committee meeting held on March 11, 2013, Jim Halliday and Edith Galloway (as private person, not as IVDAARA president) proposed to convey to the Township a piece of their land of approximately one acre for the purpose of a Memory Garden. The location of the section of land is immediately to the east of the Big Bay
Cemetery (at the intersection of Big Bay Sideroad and Cape Road) and would be accessed
from the cemetery. A photo of the proposed area for the garden is shown to the left. The existing cemetery does not function as a burial plot anymore, but it exhibits considerable history re the community of Big Bay. As an adjunct to that site, this memory garden idea would enable Big Bay to continue to remember its people. The garden would involve merely a monument, or wall, or large stone, to display plaques in memory of individuals who wish to have one for themselves or family members in the area. Edith proposed to the committee
that there would be no cost to the Township.

A motion recommending proceeding with the lot addition for the expansion of the Big Bay Cemetery for the purpose of a memorial gardens with no cost to the municipality as donated by Jim Halliday and Edith Galloway carried.

Prior to this conveyance, the owners will submit a Development Permit Application to the Niagara Escarpment Commission to obtain approval.

Once NEC approves, Edith and Jim will apply for Consent with the Township. Edith and Jim will have the parcel surveyed and a deed drawn up. The entire process should take about three months.

The BBC Memory Garden Committee will be: Bob Gerber, Roly Fenwick and Jim Halliday. Jim Halliday will ask Township to place his name as contact and have Big Bay Cemetery appear once again in INFORMATION –the Township’s Bulletin sent out with tax notices.

oldest gravesExpect to hear from the Memory Garden Committee to set some dates in March and April to do further brush cutting in the Garden. The Big Bay Remembers Fund has money for the purchase of gates to enter the Garden through the back. The hunt is on for a man gate and machine gate similar to the ones along Big Bay Sideroad. Ask around, stop in antique shops and check out the web sites.

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