Mosquitoes & Herb Gardening

Mosquitoes are a nuisance and even worse can transmit West Nile Virus and other infections.  There are about 70 different species of mosquitoes in Canada.  They all hatch their eggs in water and feed on blood.  At least the females feed on blood.  Male mosquitoes rely on flower nectar and sweets of nature.  Female mosquitoes not only feed on various sugars for energy, but also require the nutrition of blood for the development of their eggs.  The blood provides the protein required to produce her eggs.  Without these intakes of blood via bites, the females would have trouble reproducing.  Also of note is that the females can live from two weeks up to a month while the male mosquito lives about a week and they do not travel very far during their short lifetime.

It is very important to remove any areas of standing or stagnant water to control the breeding of mosquitoes on your property.  Any stagnant water left around for 3 days or more is a prime breeding area for mosquitoes.  You can reduce the mosquito population around your property by eliminating these breeding places.   You can then enjoy your outdoor time more and avoid some of those itchy bug bites.  Check your property today!  Get rid of all things that can catch or hold water such as:  pots, cans, old tires, containers and such.  Refresh the water in your bird baths regularly.  For pond owners, use a pump, to keep the water circulating and fresh.  Close all septic openings including tanks, clean-out plugs, and inspection hatches.  Do not leave water standing in children’s wading pools and toys, flower pots and watering cans.

Also, to cut down on mosquito bites wear loose light coloured long sleeved tops and pants, wear socks and closed toe shoes, use repellents, and avoid worst mosquito times at dawn and dusk.

Now, another way to repel mosquitoes is to grow certain herbs in containers on your patio or balcony where you sit.

A Container Herb Garden can be fun and useful when cooking and it can also assist in repelling mosquitoes if you include some of the following herbs:

Basil, Lemon Balm, Lavender, Lemon Thyme, Rosemary, Citronella and Peppermint.

You may also use flowering plants such as Marigold and Geranium to discourage mosquitoes and bugs near your barbeque or sitting area.

For tips on Container Herb Gardens see the Canadian Gardening website:

Check out these six herb recipes from Container Gardens at the above website:

Cocktail Herb Infusion, Fresh & Fruity Garnish, Tea Time Combo, Comfort Food Blend, Perfect Pesto Pot and Classic Provencal Mix.

There you go!  Six great herb recipe ideas from Container Herb Gardens, so get growing and start cooking.  (Made you forget all about those pesky mosquitoes, eh?)

Happy Herb Container Gardening and Happy Cooking with Herbs!


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