Spring Photo Contest WINNERS

As seen on our website home page slider, below are the Spring IVDAARA photo contest WINNERS!

Over 40 photos were entered. 4 finalists determined.

The category was “Spring Bursts Forth” … here are the winners chosen by the IVDAARA Board of Directors.

Sweet Nectar | Ken Sly | WINNER 1st place
Sweet Nectar

Ice Hockey On Georgian Bay | Marie Simpson | 2nd Place

Feeding Frenzy | Pam Wilson | 3rd Place

Mother Goose | Susan Crutcher | 4th Place

Winter 2015 Photo Contest Winners

Early in December 2014 we announced a Photo Contest for IVDAARA members and decided on a “Winter Wonderland” theme.  When we picked this theme we had no idea that our area would have its first green Christmas in many, many years!  The snow did eventually come at the end of December and our members were able to get out and get some good winter photos before the contest ended on February 28, 2015.  A total of 60 photos were submitted to the contest and 11 were selected as finalists, representing 5 different shutterbugs.  Our Board of Directors served as judges and selected their top 4 picks.  Congratulations to our winners and thanks to all those who participated.

Be sure to get out and take photos for our next contest “Spring Bursts Forth!“.  The contest will open April 1, 2015 and run till  May 31, 2015.

Submit your photos to: webmaster@islandviewratepayers.com

Photos must be in .jpeg format and include the photographer’s name (as you want it to appear when credited). A title is welcomed.

Below are the four winners of 2015 “Winter Wonderland”:

  1. Winter Sunrise, Susan Crutcher
  2. Silent Beauty, Keith Davidson
  3. Welcome Home, Keith Davidson
  4. Saginaw in the Mist, Ken Sly

DSC07421 Keiths Pics 102 IMG_1565 IMG_6968