Wiarton-Keppel International Airport

You may have heard through the media that Georgian Bluffs has just purchased South Bruce’s 1/2 share in the aiport for $600,000,  in order to take complete ownership.

The Mayor also said that they want to keep it certified, which means that millions of dollars will need to be spent to fix it up to regulatory standard.

These decisions have been made with no public input.

The President of the Islandview Drive and Area Ratepayers Association sent the Mayor and Council a letter expressing concerns and asking for a public meeting on May 8th; he followed this up with another letter to the Mayor and Council on May 28th – he is asking for a public meeting BEFORE the Airport purchase is finalised (June 10th).

We will advise you asap if we are able to convince the Mayor to hold this public meeting.

More information to be posted as it occurs.

LETTER from IVDAARA to Mayor Barfoot and Councilors May 28, 2015